Home Health Billing Service

Home health billing training consultant

At AE Billing, we do one thing, billing services for Medicare-certified home health agencies. This unique focus ensures we can provide that service with uncommon excellence.

What We Offer

  • Entry and processing of your claims
  • Maximum reimbursement of Medicare claims
  • Faster collection of Medicare claims: We meet with your team of clinicians to help them understand billing deadlines and revenue cycle times so you can accurately plan your payroll and vendor deadlines to avoid bounced checks
  • Lightning-fast follow-up of necessary claims corrections, adjustments, and ADRs. We help you avoid long, unnecessary payment delays so you can keep incoming cash flowing at the highest level possible
  • Weekly Forecasting for incoming EFTs (EFT Deposits and Suspended Claims interpretation)
  • Monthly Billing Reports


Problems We Solve

  • Bounced payroll and vendor checks resulting from delayed Medicare payments
  • Missed payroll deadlines
  • EFT deposits that look smaller than usual
  • Your current biller’s puzzled reaction to your questions
  • Your clinical staff’s lack of communication (with your current biller) about billing deadlines
  • Your current biller’s inability to effectively communicate what corrections, adjustments, and ADRs need to be made so you can properly prepare for or avoid them
  • Your current biller’s inability to provide you with daily and weekly forecasts
  • How you can manage cash flows effectively and with more certainty