Get to Know AE Billing

AE Billing Team for Home Health Agencies

At AE Billing & Accounting Solutions, we fill today’s growing need for affordable billing solutions for modern home health agencies. Representing years of experience and multiple levels of seasoned expertise, we provide:

  • Free Revenue Recoveries
  • Assistance and Follow-Up with all Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs)
  • Weekly Revenue Forecasts of Both EFTs & Suspended Claims
  • Medicare Claim Submissions, Corrections, & Adjustments
  • Both On-Site and Remote Services


High-Quality Service – at an Affordable Price

At AE Billing , we take pride in the fact that we inform you about our services, listen to you, address your needs, and help you make educated decisions. We also make regular office visits not just to bill you but also to answer any questions or concerns that you or your agency might have. We are here to better your billing structure and to ensure accuracy and cost reduction. We implement our strategies as we communicate with you and your business – and our team members collaborate with each other, leaving nothing and no one behind.


Your business is in good hands.

We hire only qualified experts with proven experience so that our clients know they’re getting the best.


We provide fully customizable plans, which mean solid solutions for any business.

We tailor your service package to meet your company’s unique profile and needs.


Our Business Philosophy

At AEBAS, we believe that every home health agency deserves reliable, quality business assistance at an affordable price. We also believe that those services should be fully tailored to meet each company’s unique profile and needs.  

  1. Do you know that discrepancies in your agency’s Medicare claims could lead to rejections, delayed, or non-payments of claims?
  2. Have you verified that all of your agency’s Medicare reimbursements are accurate?
  3. Do you know what your incoming EFTs and “most likely to pay” suspended claims look like in the next 1 or 2 weeks with 95% certainty?
  4. Would you like options to determine the most effective strategies to maximize your Medicare reimbursement and significantly reduce collection time?
  5. Do you want someone who informs you, listens to you, and helps you make educated decisions so that you can save time and money?

We make all of this available and more!