Home Health Billing

Our company was formed from the need of affordable home health billing. Agencies on average spend between $1000 to over $2500 a month on billing. We believe agencies should only pay for what they need. If your agency needs to only bill once a week, then that’s what we’ll do, and that’s what you’ll pay for. If your agency wants to bill every day, we can give you that option or any other option at a reasonable price.

Here at AE Home Health Billing we take pride in the fact that we take the time to not just inform but to also listen to our clients and help them make the educated decisions based on the whole equation and in addressing any specific subject at hand.

We believe in quality service, that’s why our company’s philosophy is to be part of your team by making regular office visits to bill and answer any questions or concerns your agency might have.

  • Our daily billing plan starts below $1000
  • Single Billing Session $150
  • Monthly Billing Reports
  • Weekly Forecasting for incoming EFTs.


If you’re experiencing any of these reasons, you should call us.

  1. Paying over a $1000 for your billing service
  2. You have no idea if you’re going to make payroll because you don’t know how much you’re getting this week, next week or the weeks after.
  3. You have this sinking feeling something’s wrong because every time you look at your bank account, your EFT deposits look smaller than usual.
  4. Your current biller gives you the stink eye or shrugs every time you ask them a question.

You see, we are not just here to better your billing structure, we ensure accuracy and cost reduction and that is the result of the way we implement our strategies as we communicate with you and your business. Nothing is better than teamwork and that is why we have a team of individuals that correlate with each other and leave nothing and no one behind.

Everything you need for your billing and bookkeeping needs under one roof. So if your are in need of home health billing solutions, or any bookkeeping and billing services, do what so many others have and choose AE Home Health Billing.